About Us

Who We Are

Budista is brought to you by the team that produces Gatemaster Technology products and services. We are pleased to offer our expertise and create a solution for your cannabis business. The Budista team is on a mission to increase profitability for dispensary owners while reducing transaction costs for cannabis consumers. With the cannabis industry becoming more saturated and competitive every day, it is essential to choose products and services that help you stand out above the rest and rise to the top.

What We Do

Point-Of-Sale Products & Services

With products like Budista Point-of-Sale and Budista Online, you can get your dispensary operating smoothly to keep lines moving quickly and make customers happy. Budista Point-of-Sale has options for stationary PC terminals or flexible tablet or mobile device based transactions. Budista Online give dispensaries an innovative way to allow customers to reserve your products ahead of time so they can simply drop in and pick them up!

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Customer Tracking Systems

Gather contact information, surveys, and purchase histories efficiently, and in many cases, automatically. With products like Budista Loyalty, you can easily keep track of whether or not a customer is approved for a discount, add-on product, or whatever incentive you choose to keep customers coming back for more.

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Employee Training Products & Services

As a dispensary owner, you have to stay current on cannabis laws and regulations, but relaying that information accurately and concisely to each one of your employees is a whole other story. With our Onboarding services and Dispensary Trainer product, you can keep everyone in the loop.

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Retail & Inventory Control

Enjoy the customer bustle and know that Budista will page you when inventory is low. As supplies arrive from vendors, updating your inventory will take only a few minutes.

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Cash Control & Employee Security

Budista enables you to track the flow of cash, providing you with real-time accountability and reporting. From your office, monitor important data at all times such as how much money is in each cashier’s register.

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